Medical Office Management Careers

Healthcare is a busy field with a lot of moving parts. Aside from the diagnosing and treatment of patients, a typical doctor’s office or hospital is also just like any other office environment with paperwork and policy. It takes a certain type of person and an extraordinary amount of talent to keep that three ring circus going and that’s why there is such a high demand for quality healthcare administrators and medical office managers.

In America there are over 136 million emergency room visits and over 96 million outpatients seen every year (source: CDC Fast Stats) . For each one of these patients there are charts, insurance payments, policies and treatment standards to abide by. Depending on their level of education and experience a healthcare administrator can be responsible for establishing budgets and policy at a community facility or managing the business affairs of a larger healthcare corporation. With all this responsibility it’s easy to see why the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a job rate growth greater than 20% in the coming years. That’s faster than most administrative positions.

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